Live2Lead Liz Wiseman

I’m back from attending John Maxwells Live2Lead conference. I wanted to share a few take-aways. For starters, Liz Wiseman gave insight on two types of leaders. Multipliers and Diminishers. Here’s a snapshot. She gave an interesting scenario of how she felt like a dictator barking commands at bedtime to her kids. You know the routine, the same we all mothers do at night. Brush your teeth, put pajamas on, get your story book, put the toys away. It’s like a circus. Liz sought insight from a colleague that ultimately changed the way bedtime went. She asked questions rather than telling. It’s amazing what not only our kids know, but our staff know if we’d allow them to participate rather than perform. They know exactly what to do, they’re just waiting for that golden opportunity to show case it. She was accidentally exhibiting Diminishing characteristics. Our staff don’t need us to tell them what to do, rather they need you as their leader to ask more intelligent questions.

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