Live2Lead Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek was a high energetic speaker at this year’s  Live2Lead conference. My takeaway from this session is Leaders must have empathy and perspective. You know one group we as leaders and professionals must exhibit this more so is with our Millenial generation. One way to understand them, is to create the right environment. Simon gave a scenario of a millennial worker who worked two jobs. One at the Ritz Carlton, the other at a Casino.

At the Ritz Carlton, they knew his name, they thanked him. The manager was present always giving meaning feedback and creating space for intelligent thinking. He went the extra mile out of desire and loyalty.  At the Casino, the manager always spent time watching him, trying to catch him doing wrong. So he intentionally stayed to himself, did his hours and went home.

This was the same worker, but different environments. He had one manager who was a Diminisher and the other A Multiplier. Leadership is a skill, a practiceable item. We all have the capacity to lead. It comes from sacrificing and trading off instant rewards for the journey to success. As leaders, you are not in charge, but rather responsible for those under your charge.

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