Brian Haskins-How to implement a successful Preventive Maintenance Program

Are you experiencing down-time due to equipment failure or parts not in stock. Brian Haskins, President of Haskins-Doyle Company, shares how to avoid this and other pitfalls of equipment failure with IEHA, Georgia Coastal Chapter, at their November chapter meeting. The best way to avoid episodes such as this, is to implement a successful pre-planned preventive maintenance program from day one. Brian shares steps to avoid or mitigate the consequences of equipment failure by first defining goals and desired results for the program. In doing so, you have the right people on board with the plan at onset. This gives you the opportunity to decide whether your preventive maintenance will be performed in-house or outsourced to a company better equipped to address the mechanical needs of your machinery. Next step is to determine staff inclusion and responsibilities, in other words who will do what. The next step in implementation, is to develop a schedule and a reporting tool of measurement. Most custodial softwares have a Preventive Maintenance component within the software. It can automatically calculate estimated time for your PM tasks, update and track the average time and cost for completing each task. The final step of this process is to initiate and monitor the program and make any adjustments. Again, for those choosing to do this in-house a PM component of a custodial software program can store all your data in one place which makes is more efficient to effectively manage work orders, purchase orders, inventory, and maintenance records.

Haskins offers a full service pm and repair center in both Augusta and Savannah, GA. For more information on how to implement your planned preventive maintenance program, or have your equipment serviced, you can reach Brian Haskins at brian@haskinsinc.com

Much thanks to Savannah State University for their continued support of IEHA and hosting November’s chapter meeting. Randall Lowery, Assistant Director of Facilities at Savannah State University and Brian Haskins were both presented Certificates of Appreciation by Chapter President Gloria Strauthers, REH. Want to learn more about facility management? Become an active member of IEHA by visiting http://www.Ieha.org

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