Need a Fresh Start?


Toriano Lockett CEO of Fresh Start Professional Services based in Lilburn, GA was IEHA Georgia Coastal Chapter’s guest speaker at our recent meeting held on February 7, 2017, on the beautiful campus of Georgia Southern University.  Toriano explains that floor stripping is the complete removal of soil, debris and old wax found on flooring. It’s the most labor intensive and time consuming job in the cleaning industry. it’s also common for even the experienced professional to make mistakes when stripping floors. Mr. Lockett exposed members to the pitfalls and benefits of proper stripping and waxing. Take-a-ways included:

  • Be prepared for the project and do pre-sight inspections.
  • Know your floor type.
  • Be Safety minded and ensure you have the proper tools and equipment.
  • Know your product and its limitation and properly dilute your stripping solution.
  • Ensure you pre-clean floors and remove debris prior to application.
  • Post safety cautions, tapes, and or signs in the work area.
  • Perform incremental applications in large work areas and ensure proper dwell time.
  • Always use a defoamer with a wet/dry vacuum.

Mr. Lockett affirms that using these principles will minimize mistakes and lower your risk of project re-work due to client dissatisfaction. Fresh Start services the Georgia and Alabama areas and have experienced and well-trained staff to handle the cleaning needs of your facility. Fresh Start is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. For more information call 404-437-1133 or visit their web-site at www.freshstartprosvcs.com

Our President, Gloria Strauthers, presented on the topic of Attitude and how it truly determines your Altitude. She explains that your Attitude makes a difference in your approach to life, in your relationships with people and how you face and respond to challenges. Georgia Southern University Housing was awarded the 2016 Facility of the Year for their 100%-chapter meeting participation.  Special Thanks to Georgia Southern University housing for hosting and providing a wonderful lunch and to our dedicated members.

The International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA), founded in 1930, is a professional and educational organization for individuals and service providers within the facility housekeeping/environmental arena at the management level.  Georgia Coastal Chapter is based out of Savannah, GA and Gloria Strauthers, REH is Chapter President. For more information on IEHA visit www.ieha.org To host an IEHA chapter meeting, or an IEHA presentation, please call 912-515-6958 to schedule.

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