Georgia Coastal Sees Success from “Power of One” 2017 Cleaning Systems Tradeshow & Seminar

by, EHT Magazine April/May Edition


Georgia Coastal Chapter recently presented a day-long symposium which included a full day of training, door prizes and vendor presentations. Presenters included Dr. Adele Childress from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) NIOSH division, who presented on some of the challenges we face in the cleaning industry such as Chemical and Biological Hazards, Physical Working Conditions: Technological Equipment, A broad range of activities performed in different work environments across industry sectors, Most common work-related health effects: Respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, stress and mental ill health and wages and the impact of these factors on the overall health of cleaning personnel.

John Persia of Microfiber and More, gave insight on how the use of Microfibers play a significant role in infection control and how the use of a universal color system aids in effective staff training and visual recognition of improper use. Georgia Coastal Chapter President, Gloria Strauthers, REH, presented on Cleaning for Health and the importance of managers understanding the importance of knowing the science behind clean. It gives them a seat at the decision making table on things such as product and equipment selection.

It was a great event. Thanks to all who participated and made it such a success!


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