IEHA-Georgia Coastal Chapter

Joining IEHA is Easy as 1-2-3

Georgia College and State VisitI recently had the opportunity to present an IEHA membership presentation to the Building Services team of Georgia College and State University, led by Sylvia White, Assistant Director for Building Services, during their visit to Georgia Southern University.  Thanks again, to Rodrick Holsey for the invitation.


You may ask, who is IEHA? The International Executive Housekeepers Association was founded on Nov. 1, 1930, by Margaret Barnes, who organized the first meeting of a group of executive housekeepers at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City then known as the National Executive Housekeepers Association (NEHA).  IEHA is a 501(C)6 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide management level members employed in facility housekeeping, with an array of channels through which they can achieve personal and professional growth.

John Maxwell teaches that Leadership is Influence Nothing More Nothing Less. He goes on to say, “A leader who produces other leaders’ multiples their influences.” Professional Growth and Development is the most influential force in the Cleaning Industry today. IEHA believes in expanding your influence and growing you as an individual.  As a certified member, you not only produce other leaders, you multiply your influence as well.  As a member of IEHA, you receive dual membership into ISSA, The World-Wide Cleaning Industry Association. Wow, you get access to even more training and certification opportunities and a plethora of distributors, manufacturers, building service contractors, and other in-house cleaning professionals. How’s that for a two for the price of one?

Finally, IEHA bridges the knowledge gap between your current systems, policies, procedures and training, by educating you on the Science Behind Clean with a Cleaning for Health approach.  You can then be confident in knowing the Why behind products, the Why behind standards, and the Why behind resource and equipment allocation.

Now thru June 1, you can join for only $150. We are waiving the one-time entry fee of $50. Please visit our website at for more information on our various networking and professional educational credentialing opportunities.  To book your IEHA membership presentation, please contact Gloria Strauthers, REH at (912) 515-6958.


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