Cleaning 101 for Churches-Standards


Welcome to Week 4 of Cleaning 101 for Churches. Why churches? Because churches are the most under-served segment within the cleaning industry. This is mostly due to in-house cleaning being conducted by parishioners who volunteer. As parishioners, we marvel at the fact of serving in the House of the Lord, but if there is a better way to serve others, why not look at these 101 teachings. One of my core principles is “Excellence in all I Do”, it was drilled in my psyche in my Air Force days.  Just as Daniel was found with an “excellent spirit”, so should we as it relates to maintaining our places of worship.

Last week we left off on restroom cleaning procedures, focusing on SDS or Safety Data Sheets. Today, I will discuss restroom cleaning standards. Standards are simply a measurement or an evaluation of quality. For example:

  • Restrooms should be free of dirt, dust and odors.
  • Fixtures should be free of hard water buildup and soap scum.
  • Supplies should be well stocked.
  • Surface fixtures should be clean & streak free.
  • Glass and metal surfaces should be spot free with a high shine.

These three simple rules from last week will help you remember these standards.

  • Rule #1: Always clean top to bottom.
  • Rule #2: Clean from dry to wet.
  • Rule #3: Work towards the exit door.

Keep in mind, when developing your facilities procedures and standards, use the (KIS) model. In other words, Keep It Simple. The simpler it is, the more apt your volunteers will consistently follow. Now that we have our procedures and standards in place, let’s start cleaning restrooms the right way. I highly recommend contacting any vendor below to assist you in your product and equipment selection. Exodus is always here to serve you in program and training implementation within your facility.


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