IEHA-Georgia Coastal Chapter

Work-loading Made Simple- IEHA June Chapter Meeting

500x346Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent IEHA Chapter Meeting on June 13, 2017. Special Thanks to Mr. Jack Forstrom-General Manager and Meagan Johnson-Director of Sales and Marketing of the Holiday Inn Express of Statesboro, GA who graciously hosted our meeting. We welcomed Connie, Kellie, and Ale, the dynamic housekeeping team of Holiday Inn Express. Members were provided a sit-down lunch courtesy of Emma’s Fine Dining and Lounge.

Our vendor product demonstration was conducted by,  Tim Alfieri of Hillyard, Inc. Tim demonstrated the new online Hillyard University platform. Hillyard University is a training and professional development system designed specifically for cleaning professionals. This month’s training was conducted by President, Gloria Strauthers, REH about Work-loading Made Simple.

workloadWork-loading is the amount of work performed or capable of being performed usually within a specific period. The aspect of Custodial work loading places an emphasis on operational improvement, efficiency, and providing high quality services by focusing on proven and effective operational procedures and management techniques. A key component of an Environmental Services/Housekeeping Director position, is to focus on planning and scheduling workers; purchasing equipment and supplies; maintaining equipment; inventory control; developing quality guidelines and programs, and maintaining effective communications with the customer, staff and management.

Once you have gathered the necessary information to workload a project, you can then begin to staff to meet the desired level of cleanliness through incorporating APPA (Association of Physical Plant Administrators) standards which is known today as APPA: Leadership in Educational Facilities. APPA has standards for not only educational facilities but can be adopted in any environment. These standards can be used in conjunction with any custodial management software and ISSA 612 Cleaning Times and Tasks.

The Basics of Work-loading

  1. Obtain Square Footage– Conduct an inventory of your facility. It should include square footage of classrooms, offices and all other areas, with a count of fixtures, white or chalkboard, windows, and the type of floor coverings with square footage of each type.
  2. Identify Common Space Types– Restrooms, Hallways, Dining and Meeting Rooms have different production rates than other cleanable square footage and often see a higher rate of traffic. Most custodial software program uses industry standard production rates to work-load these areas. If a manager or contract administrator is unable to identify this prior to bid submission or fail to refine the data; discrepancies can occur in the actual cleanable square footage of a service area leading to an understated and overstated beliefs of production capabilities.
  3. Cleaning Time Standards– Use and ISSA 612 Cleaning Times and Tasks and APPA published standards to assign times to tasks that will be done each day.
  4. Frequency of Service– Determine the frequencies of each task based on expectations.

It’s important to note that once the number of FTEs are calculated or work-loaded into a project, leadership must be willing to staff and budget for these FTEs to obtain the desired level of cleanliness. If budgetary constraints won’t allow staffing, leadership must be willing to compromise and purchase the necessary equipment, and supplies to offset these numbers to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the operation.

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