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51st Annual IEHA Conference and Convention Highlights- Las Vegas

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, didn’t stop the dedicated members of IEHA from converging in Las Vegas in September, to attend the annual conference and convention. This year’s theme, “People, Purpose, Passion-Your Pathway to Success, proved to be the catalyst needed to shift “The Way the World Views Cleaning.”

Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc.-President William Griffin explains that “training doesn’t solve everything, but it improves all things.” Training and development is the cornerstone of IEHA. Members are equipped to become the “Cleaning Authority” in their respective facilities through our world-class Professional Education Credentialing Program or PECP.

This convention focused on topics such as: Infection Control and Prevention, C. Diff. or clostridium difficile, Disaster Preparation, Reduction of CAIs or Community Acquired Infections and HAIs or Healthcare-Associated Infections As. We explored the connection between floor care and the transmission of HAIs. We visited management topics such as: Employee Engagement and Training, Customer and Supplier Relationship, Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) and Optimizing EVS Programs for Maximum Efficiency.

Leadership principles such as Everyone Communicates, Few Connect presented; explains leaders cannot succeed in life without communicating effectively. To be successful, as a leader one must learn how to really communicate with others—and the key to effective communication (and leadership) is the ability to connect with people at every level. Attendants were also challenged to become Better Versions of Themselves, by motivational speaker and author, Felix Anderson, whose latest book Wake Your Successful Self Up™ has transcended the marketplace as a catalyst to live your purpose in life.

Leadership expert John Maxwell points out that “A Leader who produces other leaders Multiplies their Influence. IEHA believes in producing quality leaders that not only influence positive cleaning outcomes, but impact the Public Health and Public Perception of the cleaning industry. The conference promulgated this through emphasizing key points of Honorable Gay Polk-Payton-White’s “Elevating the Cleaning Professional” presentation. As leaders of EVS or Housekeeping departments, we have a responsibility to model behaviors and competencies that showcase both our facilities and IEHA in such a way, that influences top-decision makers. It’s this influence that will permeate the world to recognize, according to Dan Wagoner, “that providing a safe and sanitary environment is no longer seen as a cost to be minimized, but rather an investment in public health.”

Special Thanks to our sponsors and the following esteemed speakers for sharing the stage with me during this year’s conference: Motivational Speaker Felix Anderson, Roy Boukidjian, Bill Fisher, Greg Gardner, William Griffin, Brian Haskins, Tanya Henry, Robert Jones, Jack McGurk, Honorable Gay Polk Payton-White, and Heidi Wilcox. See you next year in Dallas!

For Felix Anderson’s book Wake Your Successful Self Up™ visit

For Honorable Gay Polk Payton-Whites book This Has Been A Public Service Announcement, visit


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