The Visionary Leader

visionary leaderIt’s a new year, new attitude, fresh look but you have the same job, the same position, the same problems. How do you overcome such dilemmas? Everyone possesses a picture of their future that energizes their mind, will and emotions; that empowers them to do everything possible to achieve it. It’s the dream job, the dream house, or the dream spouse.

In leadership, a balance must be attained between the company’s vision and the employees vision. Today’s blog will focus on realizing your role in casting vision as the leader of your tribe of employees.

A vision is a picture that projects how one would appear in a future successful state. The term Visionary Leader was first described by Daniel Goleman in 2002, as one of six leadership types. It is one who helps others see how they can contribute to this vision; allowing the leader and followers to move together towards a shared view of the future.  How can we as leaders translate vision into actionable items that both a leader and employee can see, grasp, and commit to?

For the picture of success to take flight, one must adopt principles found in Habakkuk 2:2 1) Write it down, 2) Make it Plain, 3) Make it readily available. It’s not enough to share the vision during orientation, but rather allowing one to see it daily allows it to resonate in the minds and hearts of those carrying it out. In other words, if they can see the correlation between their position and the success of the company, they will own it. For example, sharing metrics such as “Zero” customer complaints for the week, is an effective way to employ success. In doing so, the Vision becomes more actionable, attainable and measurable.

Early on in my career, I grew to learn exactly what Zig Ziglar meant when he says, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”  Once you as a leader touch a heart, you touch a life and once you change a life, you gain influence.

By far, George Washington wasn’t as educated as Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, but his visionary leadership set him apart. Ask yourself, as a leader am I allowing my staff to work in their strength zones and providing opportunities to display additional skill sets outside of what’s required of their position? As a visionary leader it’s important to identify every untapped potential within your team and maximize it.

Small business chronicles identifies five characteristics of Visionary Leaders.

  1. Good Communicator– Effectively verbalizes dreams and goals.
  2. Charisma- Exhibits “personal magic” that naturally draws people to them.
  3. Chief Organizer-Sets up an organization by establishing key departments or functions and directs, develops and conducts meetings until reliable help is found.
  4. Risk-taker-Willing to gamble on something they believe in by taking intelligent risks that capitalizes on prime conditions.
  5. Strategic Planner-Plans ahead to make the best business moves by creating an action plan with a strategy in mind.

In achieving success in any manner, one must create a Vision/Picture of your future and define what success looks like and design strategies or intentional steps that will move you towards that vision.

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” John C. Maxwell


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