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Did you know 72% of all business problems and opportunities originate from broken processes? Connecting People and Processes first begins with the intuitiveness of the actual culture and working environment of an organization. Frequently, the two become so disjointed, that communication breakdown is the result. Exodus’s guiding principle is “Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.” This belief supports the fact that its Leadership drives an organization’s culture. Surprisingly, 36 percent of organizations do not have a formal leadership development strategy. Amazingly, only 41 percent of organizations recognize the critical importance of defining leadership requirements. That’s where we come in.

Exodus is a consultative management firm whose Mission is to equip those in leadership roles with the skill-sets needed to lead organizations into the future by:

1. Transforming leaders into development coaches.
2. Addressing the global deficit of high-quality leaders.
3. Increasing capacity and readiness to lead.

By offering customized solutions, Exodus addresses your organizational, cultural, and leadership challenges. We specialize in the following areas: Cleaning for Health Implementation, Employee Relations, and Leadership Development.

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Experiencing high-turnovers and staff shortages in your cleaning program? Learn from a Registered Environmental Services Executive on how to transition your staff from the “faceless” persona to the selling point of your organization. Click on Cleaning For Health Tab for more info

ShRMSecond guessing terminating an employee?
Learn from a former federal union representative and SHRM member on how to effectively conduct workplace investigations to address conflict, performance management, and other workplace disputes. Click on Employee Relations Tab for more info.

 JMT_CertMember_sealDid you know leadership shortfalls are and will continue to prove to be, the single most significant differentiator between high-performance and all other organizations? The good news is this shortfall doesn’t have to exist in your organization. Learn from an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker of the John Maxwell on how to help leaders practice interpersonal skills to maximize employee performance, work cohesively within groups, and build alliances. Click on John Maxwell Programs Tab for more info.

 Allow us to add value to your team today!

“A Leader who produces other Leaders Multiplies their Influence,” John Maxwell

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Photo_withJohncolor_nologo“I know Gloria an incredible speaker. She is organized and meticulous in a way the ensures that she is never misunderstood. Her messages are clear and articulate and create incredible food for thought. Personally, I have come to know her as a nurturing mentor who is always willing to do what she can to help others propel to the next level of success. I recommend her without any reservation whatsoever.”-Honorable Gay Polk Payton-White

Gloria’s servant leadership style frequently emerges through her seminars and training workshops. She has the unique ability to instantaneously engage a crowd.”                        RH-Assistant Director

“Gloria Strauthers, is a dynamic speaker who will speak again for IEHA during the 2018 conference and convention. The members of IEHA are exceedingly anxious to be part of Gloria’s heavily requested workshop again this year. I would highly recommend her. You will find that her enthusiasm is contagious and motivational.”                                    MICHAEL PATTERSON, MNA, MREH, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, IEHA


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