Cleaning Management

issa_member_logo-tag-rgbExodus champions the elevation of Cleaning personnel through training and development. It is the understanding that cleaning professionals world-wide play a significant role in protecting public health. By learning the science behind cleaning, staff are better equipped in effectively responding to stain removal, odor elimination, and removal of disease-causing pathogens.

Our value proposition is: “Cleaning for Health, Not Shine.”

Exodus provides cost-effective training to assist organizations in the implementation of a Cleaning For Health program. Exodus’s goal is to improve cleaning outcomes through:

  • Science of Clean curriculum
  • Work loading instruments using ISSA Cleaning Times and APPA Standards
  • Program standardization
  • Streamline chemical inventory
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Quality control mechanism

Exodus advocates membership into the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA), and becoming a Registered or Certified Executive Housekeeper. Certified cleaning professionals are subject matter experts (SME) who can articulate the proper investment in cleaning products or services and calculate the financial benefits they provide.

“Success is knowing your purpose in life. Growing to your maximum potential and Sowing Seeds that benefits others”- Learning to Become a Person of Influence