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Jumping hurdles was a way of life for me on my path to achieving my impossible dream.  The hurdles depicted in this video, are some of which we all can relate to. But for me, it was compounded by teen-pregnancy, domestic violence, and homelessness. It was out of my own experiences of injustice and inequality both in my personal and work life, that I learned to be intentional in adding value to others.

On your road to achieving your goals, you too will be overwhelmed with thoughts that entice you to give up. I call these “limiting beliefs.” Our beliefs are formed through repeated thoughts, and the only reason they hold any weight is that we have decided that they are true. Most of what I believed about myself was based on the limiting beliefs others placed upon me. Until I decided to go for it.

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“Influence is something that many people don’t focus on building because they don’t see the direct correlation between influence and success.”